CAG is a worker’s cooperative

Our cooperative approach is at the heart of the way work with you and of the work we deliver for you.

As Directors we jointly own and manage the company. This means that the consultants working with you make the decisions about how CAG is run, where to focus our energy, and how to reinvest our profits.

For you, this means you get highly motivated, informed Senior Consultants and Directors working for you who have a stake in delivering exemplary and effective work, as well as responding to any learning through our own management.

Our cooperative approach runs through everything we do. Our social justice and environmental values drive our work and our commitment to empowering a sense of ownership amongst those we work with mean that we put real emphasis on open communication, developing trust and partnership working.

To find out more about cooperatives, see Co-operatives UK.

CAG Co-operative Funding

As one of the UK’s longest running workers cooperatives we know first hand about the benefits of working cooperatively. We believe the cooperative business model is an effective way for employees to have a real stake in the future of a company, that it is a way of developing mutually respectful working practices and of putting into practice our belief in social justice.

So jointly we choose to spend a portion of our profits to help other organisations on the road to becoming cooperatives themselves. Our grant scheme, managed through Cooperatives UK, provides funding for new co-operatives to pay for legal registration.

How do Co-operatives qualify?

To get the £250, as well as a brass name plate saying that their start up has been assisted by CAG Consultants, new co-operatives have to register with Co-operatives UK, who will then nominate selected co-operatives for a grant.

If you are interested and want to find out more, please contact CAG Consultants or visit the Co-operatives UK website.

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