Establishing the 'Community Connection' - a local approach to the Green Deal in Cambridgeshire

Verco, CAG Consultants and Public-i were commissioned by South Cambridgeshire District Council, with funding from Sustainability East (on behalf of Improvement East), to develop a local approach for the delivery of the Green Deal in Cambridgeshire.

Verco led the project and were responsible for quantitative analysis of the Green Deal potential in Cambridgeshire, as well as characterization of the main delivery options. CAG Consultants led a stakeholder and community engagement process to help local stakeholders explore these delivery options and identify the most appropriate delivery option for Cambridgeshire.

Green Deal anaysis:

Verco analysed the potential Green Deal market in Cambridgeshire, by housing type, tenure and technology. This analysis was used to assess the overall scale of potential investment, and to map areas of opportunity for the Green Deal and ECO. Verco also explored the pro's and con's of different delivery models for the Green Deal, and worked jointly with CAG and local stakeholders to develop variants of these models that were tailored to meet local priorities and concerns.

Stakeholder and community engagement:

CAG Consultants established an online hub for the engagement process (, linked to Sustainability East's website and used social media to drive traffic to this hub. The core of the engagement process was a series of two workshops, each involving over 70 local stakeholders representing local authorities, property owners, potential Green Deal providers, installers, social housing providers, community and voluntary groups. The first workshop examined the opportunities that the Green Deal could offer local interest groups in Cambridgeshire, and explored potential delivery models, as well as barriers to delivery. The second workshop considered the relative priority of a small number of preferred delivery models, and explored in more depth some of factors affecting successful development of a local Green Deal offer.

Key outputs:

Verco and CAG have prepared a final report presenting the implications of different delivery options, identifying the preferred option emerging from the engagement process, and setting out the next steps for the local authorities and their partners. The Cambridgeshire local authorities are now engaged in developing their local offer, working with the network of stakeholders established through this project.

Further information

If you would like to discuss this project further, please contact Mary Anderson, CAG Partner, on or 07896 532194. Further information on CAG can be found at

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