Climate Change training for planners and elected members

The TCPA was commissioned to develop and deliver a series of training workshops for Local Planning Authority planning officers with CAG Consultants and LDA Design.

The training contents reflected the 'need' identified by a study for Climate East (now Sustainability East), published in March 2011. They also addressed the questions frequently raised by planners about the challenges and opportunities of climate change in the current planning policy context.

Climate change adaptation:

CAG Consultants played a major role in developing and delivering presentations, and designing and facilitating exercises, including the following modules on climate change adaptation issues and adaptation action planning:

  • Introduction to planning and climate change for elected members and senior managers, including examples from officers and councillors on what action they are taking locally to address climate change through planning,
  • Planning policy for climate change, and building an evidence base for sustainable energy and adaptation,
  • Climate change risks, adaptation and the role of green infrastructure, delivered jointly with the Environment Agency.

The climate change risks module included an interactive map-based exercise on adaptation action planning at a local and district scale, which emphasised the importance of stakeholder and community engagement.

Key outputs:

A total of twenty seven workshops were delivered across the East of England, covering six counties, a combination of a combination of full-day and half-day sessions plus a half-day study visit. In total, 329 people attended the training.

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