What we do

The fields we work in are complex and interlinked so fitting what we do into neat categories isn’t easy.

You can get a flavour of the kinds of things we do below. We try to ensure that all of our work is high quality, innovative and thoughtful. We aim to make a practical and intellectual contribution to the fields we work in, and to promote equality of opportunity and sustainability both in our work and our own management practices.

Evaluation and research

  • Policy evaluations
  • Project/programme evaluations
  • Self-evaluation training and support
  • Policy research and advice
  • Development of tools and guidance for policy implementation

Consultation and engagement

  • Design and delivery of engagement processes
  • Facilitation of meetings and events
  • Publicity resources, including leaflets and displays
  • Consultation software and data management
  • Event management
  • Media and stakeholder liaison
  • Websites, online questionnaires, and social networking
  • Staff training, mentoring and coaching
  • Behaviour change and social marketing

Facilitation and training

  • Facilitation of events, large and small
  • Facilitation of processes involving difficult, contentious or sensitive issues
  • Design and delivery of bespoke training on a wide range of topics
  • Off-the-peg training on environmental, sustainability and engagement topics

Economic development services

  • Economic Analysis and Forecasting
  • Economic Development and Strategy- including specialist advice on the Low Carbon and Green Economy
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Economic Appraisal
  • Labour Market and Skills Analysis
  • Business Case Assessment

Planning services

  • Pre-application consultation
  • PR & Communications support for new development proposals
  • Policy consultation
  • Evidence-base studies for local and national policy development
  • SEA/Sustainability Appraisal
  • Training and support for planners

Fuel poverty and energy efficiency

  • Research and policy advice/development on fuel poverty and energy efficiency
  • Energy champions training and networks
  • Staff training on energy efficiency and fuel poverty
  • Evaluation of energy efficiency policy and programmes

Climate risks and opportunities

  • Climate risk/opportunity assessments
  • Resilience support
  • Policy advice

Low carbon pathways

  • Energy and carbon footprint measurement
  • Low carbon strategy development
  • Review and evaluation of low carbon initiatives
  • Training and support


  • Sustainability in planning
  • Building capacity for sustainability
  • Measuring sustainability
  • Sustainable procurement and supply chain management
  • Sustainability appraisal

Work in Scotland & Wales

  • Policy development
  • Evaluation and research
  • Facilitation and training
  • Consultation and engagement
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